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Everything you need to know about the benefits of having a steam room and what's involved in fitting one are all here in 5 easy to print and easy to read documents. Print them off to read in your own time, or even use them to convince a reluctant spouse or partner just how easy and beneficial having a steam room really is.
Of course if these pdfs don't tell you everything you want to know about steam rooms, please call us and speak to our Living House Steam Room expert.

• Aqua-Steam-Introduction.pdf:
Steam rooms have long been a one-off pampering treatment available only at top hotels and health clubs. Now the Aqua Shower Steam room system allows easy, economical and safe installation of a steam room in your own home.


• Aqua-Steam-Room-Kit-Includes.pdf:
The Aqua Shower Steam Room kit includes everything you need – including detailed instructions – to safely and simply install a steam room in your shower.


• Fitting-at-a-glance.pdf:
A short guide briefly listing the 11 basic steps involved in fitting a steam room, just to give you an idea of what is involved.


• Fitting Instructions for the Installation of a Steam Room & The Steam Room Generator:
A guide explaining the steps in which a Steam Shower can be easily installed. Including the full specification and installation manual of the Steam Generator, Sensor and Control panel.


• Health-Benefits-of-Steam-Rooms.pdf:
Steam rooms are great for deep cleansing your skin, increasing your heart rate, improving your immune and respiratory systems, and most important of all, the opportunity to really relax and unwind and restore your equilibrium.

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