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Concealed Toilet Cisterns & Frames

In Wall Concealed Cisterns and Wall Hung Toilet Frame Kits

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Concealed Toilet Cisterns, Basin Frames & Bathroom Installation Frames

We at Livinghouse supply a huge variety of bathroom equipment including top quality concealed cisterns for toilets. Our in wall toilet cisterns are designed and manufactured in European factories for a top quality, great design and seamless service. These concealed cisterns toilet are available in kits for both wall hung and back to wall toilets. The installation process of these designs is easy and hassle free with the attachments ensuring a snug and secure fit that will be long lasting. Our hidden toilet cisterns are available in two different height options.

* The low height toilet cisterns are ideal for sitting toilets under windows as well as in spaces that have a restriction in height. The back-to-wall toilet cisterns have 21 contemporary styled flush plates.

* The slim line toilet frames are apt for tight spaces as they can be fitted into timber stud walls as well as into masonry walls, with or without a frame depending on the constraint. These built in wall toilet frames and cisterns have 24 high quality flush plate designs.

* Our concealed cistern kits can be installed into a false wall built in front of an existing wall in bathrooms that have a lot of space. That way the vacant space gets utilized with in wall bathroom cabinets and illuminated open shelves for a luxurious contemporary set up.

* We also offer to compliment a full range of bathroom installation frames for wall hanging wash basins, bidets, shower controls and shower heads all allowing great contemporary clean cut styling and allowing easy robust fitting.

Apart from these we also have a brand new range of eco water saving concealed cistern toilets that can save as much as 33% of water in a building! Please CONTACT US or visit our online brochure to find out more about our innovative hidden toilet cistern designs.