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Steam Rooms

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Luxury Steam Bathing For Lifestyle and Health

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Install a relaxing steam room or a steam shower into your shower and enjoy the luxury and the sense of well being it brings

Many people ask the question what's the difference between a steam room and a steam shower, the simple answer is not a lot. They both fundamentally work by the pumping of steam into an area. Therefore the main differences are, steam rooms are generally larger with more space and is a room in itself, where as a steam shower is a steam room built within a shower enclosure .Both have a steam generator connected that pumps in steam through a steam vent into the shower / steam room. At Livinghouse we are suppliers of both steam rooms and steam showers equipment. We can supply all the materials required to construct an independent steam room or for the installation of a steam shower within an existing bathroom shower enclosure. These installations are a surprisingly simple to build and when installed within a shower is refreshingly cost effective as many of the parts required for a steam shower are also required for a bathroom shower e.g. shower door, shower tray, shower controls etc. At Livinghouse we supply an easy to install steam room installation kits with full fitting instructions. Within these kit you will receive a steam generator to produce the steam, a digital programmable control which is thermostatic and with a timer, chrome steam venting outlet, insulated wall boards with steam room jointing tape and primer plus as an optional extra, a great quality fold down shower seat for relaxation during a steaming session.