Health and Lifestyle Benefits of Steam Showers

Health Benefits Of Steam Rooms

We all live such busy and stressful lives these days.
Worrying about this stress and its impact on our long term health and well-being simply compounds the problem.

We need to find realistic and effective ways of combating this stress.

Bathroom design has in recent years, produced some
innovative and desirable new ideas. One of the best is the shower doubling as a steam room.

Listed below is a summary of the great health benefits of having a steam room

- The Cleaning and Rejuvenation of Your Skin:

Steam rooms operate at over 40 degrees C and at 100% humidity.
This makes the skin temperature increase, and rapid sweating occurs which washes out harmful toxins from the sweat glands and skin.
A 30 minute steam room session has been claimed to produce the same amount of perspiration as a 10 km run. Rapid sweating washes out and deeply cleanses the pores of the skin improving tone and texture, giving the skin a beautiful glow.

- Exercises the Cardiovascular System:

During a steam room session your heart rate will increase, causing your body to produce extra sweat to try and cool down. Your heart rate will increase from an average 75 beats per minute to between 100 - 150 beats per minute improving the blood flow without increasing the blood pressure as the blood vessels in the skin expand, allowing for increased blood circulation.

- Strengthening Of the Immune System:

As the body temperature rises the immune system produces a fever response. This stimulates the production of white blood cells, the generation of antibodies and antiviral proteins, all of which help the healing process of the body.

- Relieving and Clearing the Respiratory Tract:

The steam inhaled during a steam bathing session is highly regarded in the treatment of winter colds, sinusitis, bronchitis as well as relieving other respiratory ailments including congestion of the respiratory membranes, sore throats, asthma and croup.

- Weight Loss:

There is always weight loss during a stream room session due to the water lost in sweating. This is quickly regained when the water is replenished. But you should also expect to burn calories during a steam room session, thanks to the raising of the heart rate that sends the blood to the capillaries and the conversion of fats and carbohydrates. The body could burn up to 400 calories in one 30 minute session.

- The Feel Good Factor:

Possibly the best part of a steam room experience, is the feel good factor experienced after a session.
This feeling of being refreshed, relaxed and sparkly clean is coupled with raised energy levels.

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