Natural Interiors Trend – Top Tips

Budding interior designers and architects often go on about natural texture and the layering of it to produce a complex interior. But, what does it …

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Kintsugi Repair – 5-Step Tutorial

We’ve all experienced that moment of horror when a favourite piece of china falls to the floor, doomed to be swept up and thrown out.…

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Unique Grout Trends

Remodelling a bathroom or kitchen involves mass decision making. In today’s world, you have a thousand options for every single component of a room. Although …

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10 Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

Here are our top 10 simple DIY projects to update you bathroom on a budget:

Change Light Fittings

No matter what light fixtures you currently …

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Beach Inspired Bathrooms

Following on from our look into the bright world of tropical interior design, we now turn our gaze to the styles of a more continental …

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Tropical Interiors – Summer’s Hot Trend

In the past few years, we’ve seen an increased use of bright colours, patterns and textures by designers all over the world. The resulting looks …

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