Summer Inspired Decor

Summer is here and for once we’ve been blessed with some good weather! Maybe you’re thinking of freshening up your home to enjoy that bright, sunny feeling both indoors and outdoors.

Here are some ideas to bring the summer vibe into your home design.



Colour choices

Try using more pastel shades to bring a light, summer feel to your interiors. Or bold, vivid paint colours to reflect the brightness of the season.

Natural colours are great for summer too – greens especially. But remember to keep them light for a summery effect.



A floral wallpaper can be a subtle nod to the season’s blooms, to bring a the joy of your flourishing garden into your home’s interior.




Add some vibrant art

Paintings and photographs don’t have to be expensive. Search online, markets, boot sales, or even make your own. The advantage of doing it yourself is you can choose the colours you want!

Don’t let a lack of skills and talent get in your way either! You could just create something abstract with your colour choices. Choose bright, vibrant colours to add a summer ‘pop’ to your room design.



Summer themed accents

Bring in some accent pieces like sea shells, rope, and other nautical bits to evoke the sense of the seaside.

Rope picture frame 



Again, these don’t have to be expensive. Shells and driftwood from the beach can make great ornamental pieces.


Fresh Flowers

The fragrance and colours of fresh flowers can make you instantly feel more summery. Choose brightly coloured plants to draw the eye.


Redesign your outdoor space

With the weather as good as it is, you may not feel the need to bring the outside in …because you’re spending all of your time outside anyway.

Why not add a few changes to your garden to make it more accommodating for the summer months?

If you have the space, a table and chairs will make a great outdoor dining area – so you can spend even more time outside.



Or a well-place hammock could be the ultimate in relaxation for those lazy, sunny days. Add some pillows for optimum comfort!



If you want to know how to get the best from your garden plants this summer, check out our Summer Gardening Tips. Enjoy the sunshine!