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Stone Flooring Tiles

Natural Stone Floors in Limestone, Travertine, Marble, Terracotta, Porcelain & Granite

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Stone Flooring In Honed, Distressed, Polished and Antique Finishes

Livinghouse offer an exclusive collection of fabulous, hard wearing stone tiles including limestone , travertine , marble , granite, porcelain and terracotta..

Apart from their natural beauty, these products come in a variety of finishes to complement your designer home whether it is contemporary or traditional in design. If you are looking for a shiny polished finish then marble, granite and porcelain offer the best solutions. However travertine and limestone can shine up well too.

Terracotta tiles automatically suggest a more traditional décor. Stone mosaic and real pebble tiles create interesting finishes for walls and floors with some really suggesting individual luxury decoration.

It is the finish of the tiles which generally gives them their final look. As we've said many of them can be polished to give a high sheen or be honed for a more matt or satin finish. Other natural stone tiles depend on how they are cut i.e. chipped edges or sawn edges the finished tiles lend themselves to looking old as though they have been in place for many years. This can be added to with antiquing or distressing to give an authentic reclaimed look. If you are using filled or honed tiles for your flooring, then this smoother finish creates a more modern or contemporary feel to your interior design.

Many stones come with beautiful figuring, including stone veining, sea shell content and fossils all giving an individual interesting pattern within the stone. But whichever natural flooring you choose, it really adds to the luxury of your home or property.

Livinghouse's collections offer a high quality solution to your flooring needs. They are sold by the M² and most have different size tile options and may come as square, rectangular or even a random flagstone format. Our floors are suitable for domestic situations with many highly stain resistant and suitable for commercial settings as well.