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Installation & Videos for Cisterns, Frames & Flush Plates

Technical information for In Wall Installation

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Installing In-wall toilet cisterns, bathroom frames and flush plates

Here we offer information showing the technical data and installation information to the fitting of concealed toilet cisterns, bathroom installation frames for basins and bidets and the fitting of mechanical and air cistern flush plates. Hopefully by showing you the installing process, this will help you to make an informed decision on choosing the right system for your bathroom.

* We show all the technical data on each item within the bathroom installation range including all dimensions, water capacities and standards etc.

* We show the installation process of all types of concealed toilet cisterns, basin hanging frames, bidet frames and the fitting of mechanical and air flush plates.

* We also have installation videos showing the full fitting process of concealed toilet cisterns and the hanging of wall hung toilets, plus videos showing the fitting of air and mechanical flush buttons to these cisterns.