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Water Saving Low Back to Wall Toilet Cistern (52A)

This low height hidden toilet cistern has been specially designed to be water saving with back to wall toilets. Each eco concealed toilet cistern can save up to 25% of the water compared to a standard cistern. This dual flush in wall cistern conserves water on the main flush using 4.5 litres instead of 6 litres with the half flush still the standard 3 litres. Being restricted in height this low toilet cistern is ideal for under windows and other height restricted areas.

"extremely reliable cisterns"

* Low water usage.

* Low physical height.

* Ideal for under windows.

* Designed for back to wall toilets.

* Large choice of flush plates.

* European manufactured.

* 10 year guarantee.

* Includes mainland delivery.

* Prices ex Vat.
Price: 167.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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