Colours Smart Wall Hung Toilet (SW4)

Designed and made in Italy, this luxury smart toilet is a stylish and functional choice for modern bathrooms.
Available in five different colour choices with matching coloured seats, or mix and match the pan and seat colours for a funky look.
Boasts convenient features including adjustable bidet spray, air dryer, sensors and remote controls.

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1. Select WC

2. Select Concealed Cistern

3. Select Flush Buttons

Price: 2,365.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
This wall mounted toilet features the latest gadgetry for comfort and convenience in modern bathrooms.
Designed and made in Italy, this smart toilet fuses style with technology for the ultimate luxury bathroom experience.
Available in a range of stylish colours including matt white, anthracite, and sandy beige; these exclusive smart toilets will blend with almost any contemporary bathroom design.
Packed full of features to make your life easier including an adjustable bidet spray with variable intensity and temperature, an air dryer with two speeds and five temperatures, an 'auto' function for a seamless cleaning and drying routine, sensor controls for improved hygiene, and a remote control for optimum experience.
Our premium quality smart toilets are the perfect addition to 21st Century bathrooms. The range of functions can be particularly useful to those with limited mobility; providing comfort and dignity to your bathroom routine, while adding some extra style flair and impressive technology to boot.

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