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Technical Info for Urinal Installation Frame (53K)

Technical Info for Urinal Installation Frame (53K)

Urinal Installation Frame (53K) for wall hung urinal installation.

- Pre-mounted structure for wall hung urinal mounting with floor and wall fixing.
- Ideal for rehabilitation projects, plasterboard and brick walls.
- Ideal for public spaces.

- Structure in painted tubular corrosion resistant.

- 1 PHED discharge pipe bend.
- 1 Metal ring for outlet bend fixing.
- 1 Rubber ring for outlet bend fixing.
- 2 Screw TCIC M5 x 25
- 1 Protective cover.
- 1 Inlet gasket ø 46
- 2 flanged connections ½”G M-F and screws.
- 2 gaskets for flanged connections.
Fixing accessories for wall structure:
- 4 Fischer screws and washers.
- 2 angle metal bracket.

- Height regulation of the adjustable floor brackets (0-200 mm)

- Electronic urinal stainless steel control plate
Product Identification and applications
- Urinal control plate
- Ideal for public spaces
Technical Features
- Electronic urinal control plate in stainless steel
- Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
- Electric operation: 30-30V, 50Hz in electrical module
- Electrical consumption: 5VA in discharge
- Principle of operation: Infrared – Proximity
- Range of action: up to 500mm front to the wall
- Water connection G½’’ (ISO 228) in the middle, up or down, connection with rubber seal for 32mm connection pipe
- Water pressure between 0.3 and 10 Bar
- Protection: IP45
- Flush: The flush follows after use. Minimum response time 5s
- Flush time: Adjustable from 0 to 6s
- Anti-Vandal system
- Flush performance: at 1 bar, 0.3l/s flow rate; at 2 bar, 0.5l/s flow rate.
- 4 Anti-vandal screws.
- 1 Screwdriver for anti-vandal screws.
Timed urinal tap available.
400 kg static weight supported complies with NF D 12-208 standard

Ten years warranty (10 years) according to the general selling terms, warranty starts from the purchasing date of the products. If the product is not correctly installed the warranty is not valid.

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