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Welcome to the Aqua Shower Steam Room

Within this website we will outline the simplicity and cost
effectiveness of installing a steam room.

We will explain the process of installation as well as the health benefits of a steam room or steam shower.

For many years steam rooms have been the preserve of top hotels and health clubs, thus making the experience a one off pampering treatment.

Our well thought out Aqua Shower Steam room system has been devised to allow for the easy, economical and safe installation of a steam room within your own home.

We supply a number of steam room kits that cater for sizes from an 800mm x 800mm steam shower right up to a large multiple person steam room for the more social.

What is widely forgotten when a steam room is being considered as an addition to a new bathroom, is that the majority of the cost is already covered in the shower installation.

Shower Installation will require

* Shower tray
* Shower enclosure / door
* Shower controls
* Shower head
* Tiling
* Shower Lighting

Extra parts for steam room

* Steam generator
* Steam generator control
* Steam outlet
* Steam room Tanking Board
* Steam proof fold down seat (optional)

From the above example, it can be seen that the majority of the cost for a steam room is covered within the shower installation.

The extra parts required to add a steam room within your shower being
most cost effective.

All these bits are supplied within our Aqua Shower Steam Room Kits.