Diagram of Steam Room Fittings Layout

Fitting Steam proof wall panels & shower wall panelling

fig. 1fig. 2

Before fitting the wall panels, test the shower tray drainage and any pipe work.

Before screwing the wall panelling, place the panel into position. This is to ensure a tight corner fit.
If the corner is not vertical, trim the panel to fit.
Once satified with the fit, apply some silicon to the corner and the shower tray.

fig. 3fig. 4

Apply silicon to the back of the wall panel and on the wall, mirroring the edges of the panel.

Push the panel on to the wall.

fig. 5

Repeat the process, siliconing the corner and shower tray.

fig. 6

Repeat the process of applying silicon to the back of the wall panel.

fig. 7

Press the panel into position to ensure a good corner fit.

fig. 8

To join two panels together silicon down the edge of the joining joint

fig. 9fig. 10

Insert the joining tougue into the groove on the wall panel.

Apply some silicon to the back of the wall panel, wall and edges. As done in previous steps. Push the panel into the tongue joint and wall.

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