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Smart Black Glass Electronic Shower Valve (90N)

Smart Black Glass Electronic Shower Valve (90N)

This 2 way electronic shower valve uses the latest circuitry to produce a stylish and reliable digital shower control. Supplied with a black glass fronted screen with an illuminated digital display, this intelligent shower valve allows time, temperature and water flow pressure to be set, plus the selection of each of the 2 shower functions. Controlled via its intuitive control dial, this clever thermostatic shower valve will measure litres per minute which makes a great water saving feature, plus around the control dial there is the added feature of coloured halo lighting showing the current water temperature via a blue, amber and red light system.

* Reliable electronics.

* Intelligent functions.

* Illuminated digital screen.

* Measures litres per minute function.

* Water saving.

* Glass screen.

* Illuminated halo sensing water temperature.

* Price includes delivery.

* Prices ex vat.

Price: 658.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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