Central Heated
Manual or thermostatic valves are designed for connecting a centrally heated towel rail or radiator. Optional sleeves offer a neat solution to conceal the copper pipes that link to the towel rail.

Electric Only Manual
This is where the towel rail operates independently of your central heating system, using an electric element to hear the towel rail. Livinghouse offer a optional wire cover that gives a much tidier look rather than having the wire shown coming out of the bottom of the rail.
Manual elements can be controlled via the Optional Wall Control.

Electric Only Thermostatic
Allows temperature adjustment between 5°C and 70°C and includes a stylish LED halo light. The wire cover is not compatible to use with this product as there is no way of attaching it.
Also not compatible with the Optional Wall Control.

Dual Fuel
This option offer the flexibility to be heated by the central heating system when it's on, or by an electric heating element when the central heating is off. The standard dual fuel includes the manual element and T-Piece with the optional wire cover and sleeves also the manual element can be controlled from the Optional Wall Control.

Dual Fuel Corner Valves
An option to connect a towel rail to use both central heating and an electrical element that fits vertically into the rail discretely through the valve. There are optional sleeves to cover the copper pipes and a wire cover for covering the electrical cable of the manual element.
Due to having a manual element this is compatible with the Optional Wall Control.
This is one of the neater ways of having a dual fuel format.

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