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Black Marble Mosaic Shower Tray (60X)

Black Marble Mosaic Shower Tray (60X)

This quality handmade bathroom mosaic shower tray is made of a grey/black marble stone mosaic bonded onto a backing tray. The tray construction gives strength with the added benefits of being a lot lighter than a solid stone trays, so the weight is not an issue. All shower trays are grouted with a hygienic epoxy grout and the stone mosaic is pre-sealed making the shower tray hygienic and easy to clean. This stone mosaic shower tray is available in bespoke shower tray sizes and can be made to special order.

* Made of marble mosaic.

* Thickness from 75mm.

* Colour grey/black.

* Hygenic epoxy grout.

* Bespoke sizes available.

* Shower trays in 7 sizes.

* 10 year guarantee.

* Includes UK mainland delivery.

* Prices ex Vat.

Stone Tray 800mm x 800mm - £1080.00
Stone Tray 900mm x 900mm - £1160.00
Stone Tray 1000mm x 1000mm - £1240.00
Stone Tray 1200mm x 800mm - £1320.00
Stone Tray 1200mm x 900mm - £1380.00
Stone Tray 1200mm x 1200mm - £1460.00
Stone Tray 1700mm x 900mm - £1620.00