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White Marble Stone Heating Radiator (106C)

White Marble Stone Heating Radiator (106C)

Each solid stone heating radiator has an integral electrical heating element inlayed into the white marble which uses the stone for good heat retention properties. This innovative technology produces an efficient way of heating your home. These stone radiators are 40mm thick and can be installed in a portrait or landscape format. A central heating stone radiator is also available to special order and priced on application.

* Solid stone radiator.

* European manufactured.

* For electrical systems.

* Water system radiators to special order.

* Good heat retention.

* 5 year guarantee.

* Include mainland delivery.

* Prices excluding Vat.

Stone Radiator 600mm x 400mm - 400w - 670.00
Stone Radiator 1000mm x 400mm - 600w - 690.00
Stone Radiator 1200mm x 400mm 1000w - 725.00