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Ripples Decorative 3D Wall Panelling (113I)

Ripples Decorative 3D Wall Panelling (113I)

The Ripples decorative wall panelling has an undulating 3D texture surface producing a great contemporary wall with stunning light effects. Each feature wall panel is manufactured in gypsum plaster and is supplied in 600mm x 600mm tiles. These textured wall panel tiles are simply adhered to an existing wall surface in a tile format. The tile joints can be filled with plaster and sanded to produce a stunning continuous decorative wall if required. (wavy wall panels may require some surface filling as part of the fitting process)

"Plaster Light Effect Wavy Walls"

3D Panels Introduction Video

3D Panels Installation Video

* Textured undulating 3D surface.

* Great for lighting effects.

* Beautiful contemporary design.

* Manufactured in gypsum plaster.

* Class 'A' fire rated.

* Waterproof panels suitable for high humidty areas.

* Supplied in 600mm x 600mm tiles.

* Can be filled for invisible joints.

* Wavy wall tiles supplied unfinished.

* Wall panels can be painted.

* Priced per tile.

* Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

* Prices exclude VAT.

" Minimum order of 12 tiles "

Standard Tiles - £46.00 each
Waterproof Tiles - £66.00 each