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Automatic Sensor Concealed Toilet Cistern (44JJ)

Automatic Sensor Concealed Toilet Cistern (44JJ)

This electronic concealed toilet cistern is supplied with a contemporary styled glass flush plate which has illuminated control icons. Each eletronically controlled flush plate can be supplied in both black or white glass which is easy clean and hygenic.

The electronic toilet cistern can be set up using,

1/ Automatic flushing when the user leaves the infrared sensor area.

2/ Non touch flushing for when the finger is placed close to the illuminated flush plate icons.

3/ Manual flushing when the flush plate is softly touched.

4/ The size of flush can be adjusted to prefered size allowing water saving.

* Manufactured in EEC

* Special order item.

* 155mm to 190mm depth.

* Half flush 3ltrs.

* Adjustable full flush 4 to 9 ltrs.

* 12 volt power source.

* Battery powered available.

* Maintenace via flush plate.

* 5 year guarantee.

* Includes mainland delivery.

* Tel 01722 415000 for info.

* Prices ex Vat.

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