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200watts Electrical Underfloor Heating Mats (111B)

200watts Electrical Underfloor Heating Mats (111B)

Our under floor heating mats have the electrical heating elements woven into a mat allowing for easy and quick installation. The mats are simply rolled out on to the floor and covered with a latex self levelling compound prior to tiling over. Our UFH heating is supplied with a power output of 200 watts per m2 which is a ideal wattage for areas where higher heat outputs are required e.g. conservatories. We also supply flooring insulation and digital thermostat / timer controls.

* British manufactured.

* Complies to British standards.

* Can be primary heating source.

* Economical to install and run.

* Easy to install.

* 10 year guarantee.

* Heating output 200watts/m 2.

* Idea for conservatories.

* Includes mainland UK delivery.

* Prices exclude Vat.

L2000 x W500mm -1m2 -200watts - £59.00
L4000 x W500mm -2m2 -400watts - £98.00
L6000 x W500mm -3m2 -600watts - £137.00
L8000 x W500mm -4m2 -800watts - £168.00
L10000 x W500mm -5m2 -1000watts - £207.00
L12000 x W500mm -6m2 -1200watts - £224.00
L14000 x W500mm -7m2 -1400watts - £254.00
L16000 x W500mm -8m2 -1600watts - £278.00
L18000 x W500mm -9m2 -1800watts - £305.00
L20000 x W500mm -10m2 -2000watts £390.00