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Limited warranty is offered to all customers. Any faulty generators will be covered by a one year back to Livinghouse repair or replace guarantee, plus a 2 year supply only on parts (excluding consumables parts) Guarantee runs from the purchasing date. Damaged accessories and parts are not under warranty.

- Heating elements are consumables and are warranted for 6 months.

- Livinghouse has the right to decide whether to repair or to exchange. Approval must be obtained from Livinghouse before shipping back the product. The customer is required to pay for return transportation and any parts used outside of the warranty

- Any clause mentioned in the manual is not covered by the warranty.

- This warranty does not cover any defect, malfunction or failure caused by, or resulting from unauthorized installation, maintenance and repair; improper power supply; and any action which violates the manual.

- Damage caused by accident, misusing of chemistry products, or any other reason which are beyond our company’s responsibilities will not be covered. Any product whose label, nameplate has been removed, altered, damaged is not covered either.

- Using in a salty environment or any other extreme, corrosive condition is not covered by the warranty.

- After the free warranty period, services are still available if all cost is covered by the customer.

- Livinghouse is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the generator.

-Please contact Livinghouse for any further information.

We do not recommend customers to choose special models.
However we could still specialize our system for customers if they have special needs due to restrain of space or power supply.
Wiring diagram refer to figure 11.