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Electrical Installation.


- All circuits should be installed by fully qualified electricians and conform to local and national codes.

- Power supply must be cut off before installation, maintenance and repair. The on/off button on the generator cannot cut power from the supply.

- No additional power supply or wire is allowed to connect to the generator.
Do not connect the ground wire to the neutral wire.

- Only the original parts and elements from the manufacturer are allowed to be used in installation, operation,
maintenance and repair.

- After the installation of the pipeline and electrical circuits, careful checking must be performed before switching on the

- The generator has been carefully installed, checked and tested in factory, therefore the customer only needs to install the power wire and control cables.




Installation of the control wire

Take off the back cover of the generator, pull the control wire at the back of the controller through a conduit and then insert it into the hole at the back of the generator case and connect to the plug on the circuit board. (Please see Figure.8).