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Installation of pipeline.


 If the generator is installed at a place where difficult for customer access, the water inlet valve must be easy to access for emergencies.

 The solenoid valve can endure maximum 0.2MPa water pressure. To protect the solenoid valve from extremely high water pressure, please install a water pressure reducer valve if required.

 Do not install saddle-backed or needle valves on the inlet. Please dredge and clean the pipework before installation.

 No block valve should be installed in the steam pipelines. Strictly no blocked or blended pipe, otherwise have negative effect on the flow of steam and condensation. The steam pipelines should be installed with a slight angle so that the condensation can flow back to the generator or the steam head.

 Steam generator should be installed indoors to prevent freezing. The generator should be installed and levelled with the arrow pointing upward at an easy-access place, otherwise do not switch on.

 The steam pipeline must be in copper pipe, all other material such as plastic, acrylic should not be used since they cannot endure 150℃ or higher temperatures.

 All inlet and apertures should be sealed to prevent any leakage of steam and protect the generator and customers.

 Draining water to the steam room from the water tank may cause serious scald and damage the steam room. A separate draining pipe is required to drain water to the drainage. All inlet water pipes and steam pipelines should be built according to the National Standards
(refer to Figure 7) and this should be done before sealing the wall.




Water inlet:
First connect the water magnetizer (if applicable) to the water inlet solenoid valve.
Then use a 1/2’’ flexible stainless steel hose to connect the other side of the water magnetizer connecting to the water supply pipeline.
Do not connect without flexible hose to water supply pipeline as this may damage the water inlet valve. Only use cold water supply

Steam outlet:
Use no less than 1/2’’ copper pipe to connect the steam head and the steam outlet on the generator. The pipe should be less than 3 meters long and with the least number of elbow bends, otherwise heat conserving methods should be implemented.

Steam Head:
The steam head should be about 300mm from the ground and at least 150mm from customer seats.
Apply silicone sealer to the steam pipe to steam head connection, then screw the steam head on to the steam pipe connection. Please refer to part A in figure 7, the Aromatherapy reservoir should face upwards.

Drain pipe:
Please use 1/2’’ copper pipe to connect the drain outlet and the drain pipeline of the house. Similarly, use 1/2’’ copper pipe to connect the safety valve and the drain pipeline of the house. The drain pipeline should be installed with small angle so as to help residual water in the steam generator flow to the drain pipe.