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Installation of the Steam Generator:

1 - Switch off all power supply before installation, and check whether you have the correct model for your steam room according to table 1.
If in doubt always go for a larger machine or call 01722 415000 for advice

2 - A manual resetting 120C temperature control switch is installed in the steam generator for over-heat protection. If temperature of inner tank exceeds 120C accidentally, the switch will automatically disconnect power supply to mainboard.
In this case, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply to steam generator, and then carefully check heating elements, relay on sub-board and water supply pipeline. (all after steam generator has completely cooled-down) The temperature switch can only be manually reset after the fault has been located and solved.

3 - Generator must be installed level.

4 - Do not install the generator outdoors, in wet/moist places, freezing, or corrosive place. Do not install the generator near to flammables such oil paint, diluents and fuel. Be alert to the steam pipeline and safety valve as the high temperature of steam is dangerous to customers.

5 - The generator should be installed in a dry and well-ventilated place. It can be installed either on the wall or on the ground, but must be well fixed. Install the generator as close to steam room as possible, such as in the closet, under the wash basin in the basement or in the roof space. Please see Fig.1.

i. Install the generator on the wall: drill two small holes with diameter of 8mm on the wall, insert the expansion screws and then hang the generator on those screws.
ii. Install the generator on the ground or deck: Install the frame on the site and then screw the generator into the frame.
iii. For better service and maintenance, please install the generator with the nameplate facing to the front and leave more than 250mm space around the generator.