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Installation of controller and temperature sensor:

The controller should be installed at a height of 1.2 m preferably outside the steam room for longevity, but nearby or at a place where it is easy to operate. If control is fitted within the steam room make sure it is sited away from the main steam area.

Firstly drill a hole with diameter of 12mm on the installation site.

Pull the control wire and temperature sensor wire through the conduit, then connect the control wire to the black/white connector(4-Pin).

Finally the controller panel can be adhered to the wall by using a double sided adhesive pad on the back of the panel (Refer to figure 5).

The temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature inside the steam room so that the generator can work automatically according to the pre-set temperature and maintain a constant room temperature.
The installation height of the sensor should be between 1.2 –1.5 m from the ground.

Please drill a hole (diameter 12mm) and then secure the sensor to the wall (Refer to figure 6), pull the sensor wire through the conduit then connect to the black connector (2-Pin) of the controller.


The control wire and temperature sensor wire should not be parallel to or intersect with the power wire. The temperature sensor should not be installed behind the door and interfered with when the door is opened. The controller should not be installed in any wet or highly moist area.