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To switch on and off of the whole system.
Pressing this button can switch on the generator and open the water inlet electromagnetic valve to fill generator with water.

When the water level reaches the required minimum water level, system begins to heat up (if current temperature is lower than setting temperature).

Once the water level reaches its maximum level, inlet valve closes and the system enter the automatic working
If the system is then shut off by pressing ON/OFF button, the system will adapt the default temperature and time
setting; otherwise if the system is shut off automatically when setting time is up, system will adapt the previous
temperature and time setting.

The system then begins to heat up and produce steam after several minutes. Press the ON/OFF button again will shut down the system manually and the system will drain automatically.



Setting Temperature.

Press once to adjust the temperature. The LCD and the red LED on the left will blink and display the previous setting temperature.

If the system has been turned off and restarted, the LCD displays the default temperature 43℃ (109℉), then press the “▲” or “▼” button to adjust and then press “SET” again to confirm your setting.

Now the LCD and LED’s on the right blink and display the previous setting time or the default setting time of 45
minutes if the system has been turned off and restarted, or the remaining working time(during working time),
You can now set the working time.

Press“▲” or “▼” button to adjust the working time to the value you want and press set or press “▲”button until the LCD displays “CH”and then press “SET” to confirm, after that the system automatically enters long-term working mode.

The available temperature range is 35℃-55℃(95℉-131℉)and the default temperature is 43℃(109℉).

When the system is in long-term mode, five red LED’s on the right side of the LCD are on and the top one blinks.

When the working time is set, the maximum working time is 60 minutes and the default working time is 45 minutes.

PAUSE: Press this button to pause the system.

The heating indicator is off, the insulation indicator blinks, and all function buttons will not function except “ON/OFF” button and “LAMP” button. If is not in long-term mode, system will automatically drain and switch off once the working time is over. Press this button again to stop.

LAMP: Switch for the external light.
The button can be used as the switch for the external light as long as the system is connected to power supply. The LED is on when the light is turned on.
▲ Increase the temperature or time.
▼ Decrease the temperature or time.




Installation of the control wire

Take off the back cover of the generator, pull the control wire at the back of the controller through a conduit and then insert it into the hole at the back of the generator case and connect to the plug on the circuit board. (Please see Fig.5).