Transparent baths and sinks: A real glass act

Now we must warn you that some of the following designs are not suitable for those with body image issues. Why, because this blog features transparent baths amongst other things.


Fibreglass bath designed by Kirill Myagkov

There’s no doubt that this see-through bath designed by Kirill Myagkov is stunning, but we do wonder how we would look in it. Call us vain, but we can’t help worrying that ample bottoms will be magnified, distorted and squashed. The end result could be less than flattering.


Made from fibreglass, this modern take on a slipper bath blends the contemporary and the traditional with beautiful results. From its black ball and claw feet (as opposed to traditional white or polished silver) and its modern yet period style tap, it definitely has the makings of a statement bath.


We think we could probably get over our body issues and enjoy its deep proportions. Not to mention embracing the smart screen cleverly displayed in a traditional frame, although we’d be tempted to swap it for a wall mounted TV.



Glass bath designed by Stern McCafferty

Again, this bath leaves nothing to the imagination where your body is concerned, but you do have to marvel at its simple yet ingenious design. Think wet room with a drain in the tiled floor but a transparent bath instead of a glass shower enclosure.


The bath designed by Boston architect and design company, Stern McCafferty, is literally a piece of thick glass between two tiled walls. We’re guessing they used plenty of sealant, but the effect is brilliant. Combine with wall mounted taps and a recessed tiled shelf for the obligatory rubber duck and it’s job done.


Stern McCafferty



Kub basin designed by Victor Vasilev

Now for something less revealing and totally minimalist in design, the ultra contemporary Kub basin by Victor Vasilev. Made from glass and perched on Carrara marble, this sink cleverly plays with geometric lines allowing it to become almost invisible from certain angles.


The marble provides a space for storage as well as the control for the wall mounted tap. The result, a stylish sink for lovers of minimalist industrial design.


Moon glass sink by Glass Design

Deep and inviting, the quirkily angled Moon glass sink by Italian company Glass Design gets a big tick for contemporary design. A generous bowl shaped sink with beautiful curves that looks chic and stylish with a simple modern tap. Amazingly it’s handcrafted and made from mouth-blown crystal.



Aquarium sink by Opulent Items

The Aquarium sink by Opulent Items answers the age old problem of how to fit both a sink and an aquarium in your bathroom. Finally you don’t have to forgo the sink in preference to your fish.


Made from glass, the sink sits on either a chrome or wenge wood stand. It comes complete with a water pump, water filter, soft lighting and two circular side openings for feeding. And you thought those were just cup holders, didn’t you?


We can’t help wondering what the fish must make of giant fingers and faces hitting their ceiling, and worse still, teeth cleaning. Fortunately they have very short memories. If you love fish and have $4,500 at your disposal, this sink has your name written all over it.


Unfortunately we don’t stock aquarium sinks or glass baths at Livinghouse, but you will find beautiful contemporary baths and glass sinks for your bathroom, shower room or wet room.



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