Six ways to relax

How do you like to relax? For some of us, relaxation could be immersing ourselves in activities other than our normal, everyday routines. More often relaxation is taken more literally as doing something which relaxes your body and your brain. We certainly all need down-time from the busy and sometimes stressful lives we lead.


Here are our top six ways to relax


1. Join friends for an evening – or afternoon – of laughter and chat. Laughing is really good for relaxing your whole body and helping you unwind. It’s also good for your immune system and protecting your heart. So some fun, banter or just time spent with up-beat friends can really help you to relax.

2. You might want to add a bottle of wine or another beverage of your choice to the proceedings. Having a drink is one way that people often use to relax. A couple of drinks can help but too much will cause even more stress so think moderation.

3. Take off somewhere quiet with a good book or your tablet of choice. Reading is not a dying art even though we do seem to be addicted to screens of one size or another. A good book can really help you to disappear into a fantasy realm or help you discover things about the past or other life forms depending on your favourite reading material.

4. Curl up in your duvet with a loved one and watch a good film. Yes the new night at the movies is more often than not at home watching a film on your super-size TV screen. With opportunities to watch films and series on many more than programmed channels these days, your choice of viewing is vast too.

5. Chocolate might be your answer to your down-time relaxation. We all know that for those addicted, a bar (or two) of chocolate while you are relaxing can be heavenly!

6. Light the candles, put on some soft music and add a long soak in the bath to relax your muscles and your mind. This is definitely a very positive way to release tensions and even aches and pains.


Combining the best

Of course if number 5 & 6 are your preferred choices, you could combine the two.  Fed up with Google searches for bathroom sweets instead of suites, one company had chocolate company Choccywoccydoodah produce a whole, real size bathroom suite in Belgium milk chocolate.


Life-size Belgian milk chocolate bath by Choccywoccydoodah



You wouldn’t be able to lounge in warm waters in this bath though as it would melt. If you tried to consume it you might need some help; consuming the whole bath would amount to 8 million calories. You can order one for a mere £50,000.


Real luxury

Of course if it’s a real luxury bath you are looking for to relax in, then you best head over to Livinghouse where our range of freestanding and fitted baths in traditional or contemporary, designer styles will have you ‘melting’!


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