Bathroom Envy

What makes you green with envy over friends’ homes? Is it their way with colours; their expensive furniture or their way with design?


We’ve found some great ideas online that make us swoon and we thought we’d share them with you.



Bathroom bliss


Yellow or lime? How do you see this colour? However you call it, the wall colour is a great backdrop to the even classier, contemporary sink pedestal. Let’s face it this would stand out against any wall.


Below the monochrome bathroom sets off the ultra modern sink pedestal with its floor standing filler. Meanwhile the classic radiator, wall light and mirror contrast and complement but certainly don’t clash with this idea.




Swirling pattern wall paper sets off this bright white built in sink and toilet.  You only need the plainest of bathroom furniture to offset this pattern. A toning geometric patterned blind, clean white subway tiles and large green measuring bottles are all this room needs to keep it bright and appealing.


Graphic greens


Graphic wall paper an old chest used as storage and sink holder with an added marble top and some 60’s style posters means that classic white bathroom suite like love, is all you need.


Japanese style minimalism taken to perfection

Set against a concrete wall and natural tile floor, the modern freestanding bath oozes luxury with simplicity. The wooden furniture and the bonsai plant all help with the Japanese atmosphere.




Bathroom luxury

This polished brass slipper bath glistens like gold and makes this room look very expensive. Other accessories are barely needed as the bath aided by the natural light make is space very inviting.




The luxury of space

Who says space isn’t important? The space in this bathroom really allows the circular freestanding bath to take centre-stage with no distractions. Save a floor to ceiling mirror and a shaded chandelier. Oh and the marble shower enclosure!



Celebrity swoon

If you want a fantasy bathroom to dream of, take a look at fashion designer Alice Temperley’s dream room in her home in Somerset. She has covered the outside of her classic, roll top bath with mirror tiles. Alice says, “The mirrored Victorian tub is the room’s focal point. I embellished it with tiles, so it feels like I’m lying in a giant floating disco ball. I have disco balls all over my home. They throw off starry bursts of light, creating glittery walls and ceilings all day long.”



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