Celebrity Poster Boys (and Girls)

If you’re a fan of the Canadian actor and director Ryan Gosling, star of The Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love and The Ides of March, you’ll love the loos at the Bang Bang restaurant in San Diego!


Resemblance to a teenage girl’s bedroom

This loo is adorned with pictures of Mr Gosling, just as teenage girls often cut out pictures of their favourite movie or pop stars and stick them on their walls. This cult of worship from afar is usually pretty harmless and is common during the transitional teenage period from fantasy to reality when hormones are all over the place.


Iconic prints

Celebrities that last the length of time – well the Twentieth century – are few and far between. But you’re still likely to see prints of two fabulous iconic actresses adorning modern walls: Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.


Marilyn’s most famous black and white print is probably the scene from the Seven Year Itch where she is holding her skirt down. And everyone knows Andy Warhol’s colourful prints of the star.


Marilyn by Warhol via




Audrey Hepburn’s most famous print must be from Breakfast at Tiffany’s showing her as the sophisticated woman with her hair up and smoking through a long elegant cigarette holder and wearing sparkling jewels and long gloves.



Audrey Hepburn via



Back to Ryan Gosling

Has he made iconic status yet? Probably not – though he has been labelled the ‘new George Clooney’ already.


Bang Bang’s cloakroom is festooned with real photos of Ryan Gosling in all his many roles made into a wall collage. It looks a little obsessive.




Making your own selfie-walls for your smallest room

I guess it could be copied if you printed off images of the star or any other of your choice. Or you could have family selfies emblazoned across your cloakroom walls. There are also a number of wallpapers that feature unknown faces which could give you a similar effect…


Prima Limoncello by Wallpaper Direct







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