Marsala – Pantone Colour of the Year 2015

Pantone, the colour specialists, has just announced the colour that they predict will dominate next year. When we say dominate, I guess this is predominantly in the fashion world but it will also influence interior design and other forms of design such as packaging, websites etc.

Trendsetters are the ones that forecast the trends and colours. It’s a strange job that is probably quite difficult to explain. First and foremost they look at global trends in areas that it’s hard to imagine have any effect at all. We’re talking things like political and economic trends. These filter down to other trends such as travel, architecture and retailing. Colours and moods are at the very end of the line.

However the words of the trend-forecasters are listened to by every fashion house and design house as what they say definitely influences the next year’s designs. For fashion, the winter and spring collections for 2014/2015 have already been shown with glimpses of the moods and colours which have been predicted.

In our fast-paced lives these influences are embraced by interior design much faster than they used to be, so you can expect to see fabrics and paint colours and even wallpapers featuring the latest trends as 2015 rolls on.


What are the predictions for 2015?

According to Pantone, colours will be softer and the moods reference will be retro, folklore and floral art drifting neatly into tropical paradises by next summer.

The main colour contenders are

·         Aquamarine – a delicate turquoise

·         Glacier grey – a silvery grey

·         Marsala – a reddish brown

·         Scuba Blue – a brighter turquoise

·         Classic Blue – French navy

·         Lucite Green – a suggestion of mint

·         Toasted Almond – a warm pale brown

·         Lavender Herb – a pinky lavender shade

·         Strawberry Ice – a delicate pink

·         Sandstone – an orangey brown

·         Tangerine

·         Custard – a dirty yellow

·         Dusk Blue – a muted mid blue

·         Treetop – a deep leaf green

·         Woodbine – described as a tropical yellow-green

·         Titanium – a classic mid grey





Colour of the Year

Yes it’s been named and it is … Marsala a red brown shade that is rich, restful and sophisticated according to Pantone. Its earthiness also stabilises our mood. To match this colour exactly, its reference number is PANTONE 18-1438.




Pantone also claim that this Colour of the Year will ‘translate easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.’


A home filled with the Colour of the Year

The predictions suggest that Marsala – yes its named after a fortified wine from Sicily – will work really well for textiles i.e. rugs, home furnishing fabrics as well as paint. Expect to see it in floral patterns too.


If you need any help pairing it with other colours here are some useful charts:



Where in your home?

Would you use this colour in your home? Maybe the towels in your bathroom or do you think it is more suited to your living room?


Keep an eye on what appears in magazines and then in the shops next year to see if it catches on.


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