Bathroom Signage

Whether it’s providing the user with clear instructions or adding a design edge, signage in the bathroom is a popular trend that continues to evolve. From vintage signs to wall quotes, signage comes in many exciting fonts and from many eras and can add the necessary va-va-voom to your design.


The writing’s on the wall

Wall quotes are an easy way to add interest to your bathroom, without relying on wallpaper or framed prints. They can also convey a particular message, from motivational to outlining the rules of what you will and will not tolerate in your bathroom. This is particularly handy if you’ve fallen fowl of guests’ behaviour in the past. You know, leaving wet towels on the floor and leaving the toilet seat up? Don’t you hate that?


Could you point me in the right direction for the toilet?

You may know where your toilet is, but your guests and visitors may not. And sometimes they can feel a little uncomfortable about asking where the little boys’ or girls’ room is. Put them out of their misery by using fun and creative signage to send a clear message.


And for those of you who would rather not spell it out, how about a quirky take on the universal male and female symbols such as these beautiful retro patterned options?


Cut to the chase

The battle of the sexes continues to rumble on in the bathroom. The toilet seat has always been a point of contention. Ladies prefer the seat down and gents prefer it up. What are you gonna do? Well, if the toilet seat issue is a deal breaker in your relationship, why not leave a clear message to your gentlemen caller with this novel idea?


Please read the instructions carefully

Generally most of us are au fait with taking a bath. For instance, we know that a bath needs to be filled with both hot and cold water to avoid a trip to A&E or a bout of hypothermia. We also know that washing is far more successful whilst not wearing any clothes. But if you are in any doubt about your family or guests’ level of competence around the bath, signage is a great way to give clear instruction.


Mirror, mirror on the wall…

There’s no doubt about it, mirrors are incredibly useful in the bathroom. Often positioned just above the sink, they aid many a task, from shaving to applying makeup. But they can also detain you for far longer than necessary. This unique idea does away with the mirror altogether and offers a powerful affirmation in its place. Fun, but we’re not sure it’ll catch on.

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