Christmas decorations: wreaths for bathrooms

Christmas is coming. Fact. Whether you love to transform your home and garden into a winter wonderland that Disney would be proud of or prefer to keep things understated, decorations are a must at this time of the year.


If you only hang one decoration in your bathroom this Christmas, make sure it’s a wreath. We’ve chosen several ideas to match various styles and add just a subtle touch of festivity to the busiest room in the home.


The Purest

For those of you who like the elegance and simplicity guaranteed by using one colour, this handcrafted wreath should hit the spot. Made from individual felt circles formed into ruffles, it will bring just a hint of Christmas but plenty of style to your bathing boudoir.

Imbellishboutique on Etsy


The Modernist

This totally contemporary wreath is a refreshing take on the traditional. Made by positioning clear glass bubble balls over nails in the wall which form a circular pattern, this wreath looks stunning against its modern grey backdrop. You can find a step by step guide here.


If you don’t fancy making this a permanent fixture in your bathroom, fix nails to a circle of painted MDF instead to create the same effect.


The Traditionalist

For those of you who love adhering to tradition, a wreath made purely of seasonal foliage will keep the design fresh and natural. Stick to just one type of foliage or mix it up with holly, ivy and mistletoe or whatever else you can find in the garden or countryside.


Foliage wreaths look stunning in both contemporary and period style bathrooms.



The Upcycler

Wreaths can be made out of a number of different materials and that includes paper. This design uses tea-aged pages from a book that are rolled into cones. If you can’t bear to rip up a good book, then why not experiment with Christmas wrapping paper, newspaper or plain coloured paper? Vary the size of the paper for each wreath and continue the theme throughout your home.


roseflower48 on Etsy


The Beachcomber

If your bathroom is unashamedly beach themed, then why not fashion a complementary beach style wreath for Christmas? Stick to natural beach tones or add a pop of colour with painted starfish and other washed-up finds or sparkly baubles.


The Forager

For those of you who are always on the lookout for Mother Nature’s trinkets on your wintery walks, why not forage for berries and create a colourful and textural wreath in festive red? This is the perfect colour for Christmas and looks amazing in white or soft grey bathrooms. Hang on the wall or on the bathroom door. Job done.


Looking for more design inspiration for your home? You’ll find plenty of suggestions including more Christmas decoration ideas here on our blog.


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