Helpful DIY Videos

Technology in our home or managing new applications for home décor changes all the time. At Livinghouse, where we pride ourselves on supplying the very latest in Bathroom design, we are also keen to show you how to install them.


DIY videos

We have a whole section on our website just devoted to video tutorials for several items. After watching the step by step videos we know you’ll be confident to tackle some of those jobs in the bathroom.


Always fancied a wall hung toilet but are worried about the concealed cistern unit? No need to be concerned, our videos have it covered. The video covers instructions to fit a slim cistern (90mm deep) into stud walling. The instructions are visually very clear and easy to follow. You can even convert the push button flush to an air push one. Again step by step instructions take you through the process.


Wet room tanking kit

Maybe you’ve always fancied a wet room. One of the videos specifically instructs you how to install a wet room tanking kit. It’s a ‘well tried and tested’ kit and is specifically suitable for upstairs rooms where it’s really important to have a sealed room.


The video shows how to strengthen the framework, site the drain-away and seal the floor and walls before finishing the room with tiles. It really does take you through every step. You’ll want to get going as soon as you’ve watched it. Of course Livinghouse supply the kits.


Steam room

Yes we supply kits to make your shower a steam room too and we have a video to show you how to do it! Image your own ‘sauna’ for some hot pampering.


Once again the video takes you through all the stages of installing one of our steam kits – available in three sizes 5, 7 or 8kw. All the heating elements are Teflon coated; it has stainless steel water tanks, a self diagnosis system and an automatic draining system. You can programme it to the settings you prefer and it is protected from overheating. We know you’ll love it.


3D and textured Wall panels

A series of three videos tells you all about our 3D wall panels made from gypsum plaster, how to install them and how to use lighting to create a stunning wall feature using them.


Product videos

We have included a series of product videos which show 360 degree images of some of exceptional products from free-standing designed baths, glass wash basins, a selection of our best taps and some of our stunning radiators. Shower trays and our range of beautiful bathroom furniture also have their own dedicated videos.


So if you’re looking at any of these products for your bathroom, start by checking out the videos so that you know just what can be achieved easily.