Stylish lighting ideas for your bathroom

Even if your bathroom is bathed in natural light from generous windows, winter has a habit of making short work of daylight hours. Dark, early mornings and evenings require artificial lighting to help us navigate the bathroom and complete our bathing rituals.


Bathroom lighting doesn’t have to be dull

Statement, task and mood lighting all have a part to play in making our bathroom experience pleasurable and practical. Whether your bathroom utilises central overhead lighting with a statement shade or chandelier, or combines task and mood lighting, there are many styles and options available to make your room unique.


Statement lighting

Central overhead lighting is standard in most bathrooms, but that doesn’t mean it has to be harsh and uninspiring.


Instead, make the most of the uncluttered ceiling space and opt for pretty and practical lighting. Use oversized decorative shades flaunting cut-outs to create a warm glow and interesting patterns in the room.


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Or team a large black shade with a monochrome bathroom to make a daring and unexpected statement.


The ceiling’s the limit

If you’re blessed with exceptional ceiling height, hang a wildly ornate chandelier to add gravitas to your bathroom design. It could be an authentic chandelier – salvaged from a reclamation yard, antiques fair, charity shop or auction – or an ultra contemporary design widely available on the high street or online.


Wherever your great find has originated from, it will look amazing and add both style and substance to your bathroom.

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Essential task lighting

Task lighting comes in many forms in the bathroom. Commonly it’s used to highlight areas where a little more light will aid our bathroom use. Such as flooding mirrors with additional light or spotlighting a shower or bath.


Avoid harsh strip lighting above mirrors and opt for either a contemporary illuminated bathroom mirror or an illuminated mirror cabinet to provide additional storage. Or try a fun option such as these bubble mirror lights to seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality.

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The lighting’s on the wall

Wall lighting works well in both modern and period style bathrooms as either task lighting or for purely decorative effect.


Again, scour antique fairs, auctions, reclamation yards, charity shops and online to find unusual or retro wall lights to highlight certain design aspects in your bathroom.

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Set the scene

To really change the feel of your bathroom during showering or bathing, try chromotherapy lighting. Available as an integral feature in many baths and showers, this type of mood lighting is not only beneficial to your wellbeing, but provides a range of additional colour options for your bathroom design.






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