Introduction and Installation Videos

Introduction to Livinghouse Steam Room Kits

This video introduces the different parts of a Livinghouse Steam Kit and demonstrates how easy they are to use. In this video you will see the many benefits that our steam kits have to offer.

Fitting and Installation of Concealed Cisterns for Wall Hung Toilets

The step-by-step installation process for hidden in-wall toilet cisterns and hanging frames for wall mounted toilets. These concealed cisterns are only 90mm thick, and can easily fit within a timber wall cavity - saving space, time, and expense.

Mechanical Push Button Fitting

Changing Cistern From Mechanical To Air Push Button

Introduction to 3D Wall Panels and Textured Wall Panels are suppliers of designer 3D wall panels manufactured in gypsum plaster and supplied in 600mm tile format. Within this collection of contemporary wall panels are 12 unique 3D wall panel designs, each producing beautiful designer walls with stunning light effects. These wavy and textured 3d decorative wall panels can be easily installed in both domestic and commercial interior situations; and with a special waterproofing treatment can be used externally.

Step-by-Step Guide For Fitting a 3D Feature Wall

This video tutorial gives step-by-step installation instructions on how to fit these textured 3D wall tiles to create a contemporary feature wall.

How to Install 3D Textured Wall Panels

This video provides all the hints, tips, and instructions you will need to build a stunning feature wall from gypsum plaster 3D panels. Create the perfect look for your room from one of our many textured designs.

Installation Video For Installing a Wet Room Tanking Kit

The step-by-step guide of the installation process for installing wet room tanking kit in 1st floor situations. This professional well thought out system has a long proven track record, allowing for a leak proof wet room and peace of mind.