Modular Bathroom Furniture

Luxury Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

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Exclusive Designer Bathroom Furniture in the Latest Italian Designs

LIVINGHOUSE supplies a wide range of contemporary designer bathroom furniture which will really enhance any bathroom. These top end, Italian designed and manufactured ranges are the perfect answer to sleek bathroom storage and come in a wide range of styles and colour ways.

This luxury bathroom furniture is almost all wall hung with built in sinks and vanity tops of glass or Corian to give a seamless and smooth finish. The furniture is available in organic curves or straight line versions with a French style floor standing style available as well.

Whether you want your storage as cupboards or sliding drawers, there is an option available with a slick, designer feel to it. Most of the drawers and cupboards have the virtually silent, soft closing mechanism even on the bow fronted units.

Whether your preference is for a wood or a hi-gloss finish, you will find a suitable design and in a range of colours or wood finishes. Additional accessories as part of the bathroom furniture sets include illuminated mirrors.

Most of LIVINGHOUSE'S bathroom furniture is made to order with a timeline of seven weeks.