Showers vs. Baths

We don’t know about you, but taking a shower is often the most popular way of getting clean at our home. This seems to be a general trend too. But would you go as far as to do away with your bath tub?


The shower’s popularity

It’s not surprising that showers have become the focal point of some bathrooms. Individual shower cubicles are now built with beauty and with many choices of shower tray that really appeal to the designer in us as well as their practicality.


Double-sized showers offer us the space we crave to carry out our ablutions successfully and leave plenty of room for a seat. Yes the seat in the shower has become more and more popular to allow you to reach all parts of your body. It is even suitable for those who are older or less able to takes their whole shower sitting down.


Even wet rooms have gained in popularity offering even more space. No concerns about claustrophobia here and no worries about dripping water all over the bathroom floor – it’s meant to take the water and drain away!


Bath tub calling

But would you go as far as to leave the bath tub out altogether? It’s true that with so many stunning bath tub designs available these days, it would be hard not to include one.


Some people like the ‘insurance’ of a bath tub, for resale if nothing else.  Besides which, many use a long soak in the bath as a way to relax or ease aching muscles.


Which is best?


Showers – The Cons

Some consider that there is a greater chance or slipping or falling in a shower or wet room

Not as relaxing in some people’s minds

An ordinary shower can use more water than the average bath although you can change this by spending two minutes less in the shower.


Showers – The Pros

Generally it takes up less space than a bath

You can use less water if your shower head is water-efficient

It is usually much quicker to take a shower

There is no preparation necessary – just turn it on and step in

Dirt and soap are rinsed off your body



Baths – The Cons

You soak in the dirt that comes off your body and the soap suds

Mostly we over fill the bath using more water than we need.

The water down risking you getting cold or topping up with more hot water

It takes longer to get ready i.e. running water and adjusting the temperature

It takes up more space than a standard shower


Baths – The Pros

It can be more relaxing

Soaking in a warm bath has several health benefits from soothing aching muscles to reducing inflammation and swelling (arthritis) and can lower blood pressure.


There’s no doubt that we all have our preferences for either showering or bathing. There’s also no doubt that you can find excellent examples of both at Livinghouse to give your bathroom that designer look.

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