Halloween decorations: chic pumpkin ideas

The wonderful world of Pinterest is a great place to find inspiring ideas to tjuz up your pumpkin for Halloween. From intricately carved to creatively decorated pumpkins, you’ll find all sorts of beautiful and scary designs to suit your decor.


We’ve chosen some seriously chic designs for the more discerning among you.


Painted pumpkins

Orange pumpkins are the epitome of autumn and Halloween, but if you’re not a fan of this chirpy hue, then grab a paintbrush and colour away. Keep it sophisticated and elegant in white or go bold with an array of colours for a colourful and contemporary look. Coat the stem of the pumpkin with glue and be generous with the glitter to pimp it to within an inch of its life.


You can find a handy step by step tutorial by Aunt Peaches here.



Once you’ve transformed your pumpkins, group them in multiples of three and display on similar accessories of differing heights to make a real feature of them.



Monochrome pumpkins

Got a steady hand? Then this next idea is perfect for you. Grab your painted pumpkin or a Styrofoam version and get creative with your marker pen. Spell out a Halloween inspired message on multiple pumpkins or take doodling to the next level with an ornate pattern.


This is also a great alternative to carving and could be a safer option if your kids want in on the action. The question is can they be left to their own devices with a marker pen?



Got plenty of time on your hands? Why not recreate these Mexican inspired owl sugar skulls? You can find Lil Blue Boo’s step by step tutorial here.




Embellished pumpkins

This simple but effective idea uses the humble doily in gold to add pattern and extra texture to orange pumpkins. For a variation on the theme, why not pair gold, silver or even coloured doilies with white or boldly painted pumpkins?


Still got the glitter out? Good because you’ll need it for this next idea which works well on white, orange and painted pumpkins. Apply spots or stripes (following the pumpkin’s natural contours) of glue and then lashings of glitter. Leave to dry and tap off the excess. Arrange in groups of three to highlight the various designs.


A little gold leaf goes a long way and looks stunning. Borrowing from this cute idea that uses a gourd as a ‘name card’ for a place setting, you could add a little bling to your pumpkin. Budget allowing of course.


Flower pumpkins

Using your pumpkin as a vase is a great way to showcase seasonal flowers and keep your interior looking elegant at Halloween. It’s also the perfect save if you’ve made a pig’s ear out of carving a scary face into your pumpkin. As you’ve already hollowed out the offending article, simply paint it white and place a small vase or glass of water inside to hold the flowers. Don’t forget to obscure your carving disaster when displaying your flowers.