Clever bathroom storage

Bathrooms can often be a tight squeeze, which makes the prospect of including adequate storage daunting. But with a bit of clever know-how you can factor in practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions into your design.


Be creative with wall space

If you’re a keen upcycler then you’ll be more than aware of the potential of everyday objects and how they can be used for something other than their conventional purpose. Why not see what you can repurpose to utilise the empty wall space in your bathroom? For instance, a set of storage boxes can make nifty circular shelving or large plastic piping can be cut down to create the same effect.


 Get quirky with tiling

One of the most popular ways to keep your bathroom watertight is by tiling the walls. As well as being easy to clean, tiles can also double as hidden storage. Bet you didn’t know that. This is a great way to keep bathroom clutter contained and guarantee a streamlined look to your bathroom design. Why not install a whole row for your essential bits and bobs?


Utilise every available space

We’ve become quite adept as utilising the wasted space around our homes. We opt for beds with integral storage or fill the void underneath with storage boxes, bags and baskets. We squeeze wine racks in between our kitchen units and build cupboards under the stairs.


In the bathroom it’s even more essential to make good use of every available inch to stop things feeling cluttered. If you’re boxing in your bath, why not utilise the extra space for hidden storage?


 Take an inch here or there

When planning you bathroom, shower room or en suite redesign, make sure you maximise any nooks or crannies that appear as a result of the positioning of your fixtures and fittings. For instance, instead of having your showerhead fixed to the wall and creating dead space at the end of your bath, add a false wall for your showerhead that can provide storage too.


Factor in recesses

If you’re not a fan of shower baskets to contain your toiletries, opt for recessed shelving in your design instead. Not only does it provide an easy to reach dedicated area for your lotions and potions whilst showering, it also looks stunning.


Incorporate shelving into your design

Keep clutter to a minimum by incorporating one long shelf into your design as an alternative to hanging lots of shelving. Perhaps on the wall that features as a backdrop to your bath or sink? This idea is perfect for bathrooms that want to maintain their clean lines and stay true to contemporary design.

With a little forward planning you can create simple, yet effective storage solutions in your bathroom. Take a look at our blog for more design inspiration and Livinghouse for a huge range of beautiful contemporary designer bathrooms.


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