Celebrity Big Brother house steps back in time

With a New Year comes a new series of Celebrity Big Brother and the transformation of one of the UK’s most famous houses. So, what theme has the Big Brother creative team pulled out of the bag for this year’s 16 celebrities to enjoy or endure?


Well, the themes are always dramatic, but this year’s is more theatrical than ever. The heavy use of red throughout the house, sumptuous velvet and the dominance of draped red curtains shouts theatre of yesteryear. Thus inviting the celebs to take centre stage and provide the viewing public with dramatic, Oscar-worthy performances during their stay.


Making an entrance

Is there any interior design inspiration to be had from this year’s house? Well, whilst the curtained theatre style boxes adorning the walls of the main stairs would instantly make the theatre lovies amongst this year’s celeb line-up feel at home, we can’t see it catching on in domestic properties. However, the cosy snug or Gentleman’s Club feel of the lounge and dining area are far more palatable and would definitely translate successfully into our own interiors.


Main stairs into the house


Setting the scene

Classic, period sofas in dark brown and tan leather paired with comfortable red armchairs set the scene for cosy chats and relaxation, whilst a large circular dining table invites the celebrities to eat together. A large tiger and giraffe, plus other curiosities dotted throughout the house suggest the inhabitants are well travelled, which is ironic given they’ll be trapped in the BB House for some time.


Bring on the showgirls

The theatrics continue in the bedroom with acres of red carpet befitting the celebrity lifestyle, period style brass beds and tactile furnishings in red and maroon. The beauty and grooming area has been updated with plush circular banquette seating and a fringed canopy. And there’s a real sense that Can-Can dancers could appear at anytime. Well, that’s showbiz for you.


The bedroom with seating area


Bathing boudoir

As for the bathroom, it has the feel of a vintage pharmacy thanks to the ‘prescriptions’ signage above a very large mirror, Victorian style tiling and dark wooden cabinets holding lotions and potions. Other practical wooden storage houses double countertop sinks and shelving for towels.


However there seems to be a distinct lack of a Botox station and we can only presume the shower is hidden behind closed doors for privacy.


The familiar inset bath which has appeared in the last few series still seems to be holding out. By the looks of it only the raised platform which houses it has been given a makeover with a slightly more elaborate decorative finish.


Bathroom with inset bath


Exit stage left

Each room or area has its own facade in true theatre set style which can be appreciated from the garden. There’s a pub called The Star and Crown, a curiosity shop and a flower shop, complete with buckets of flowers, that vaguely disguises the outdoor smoking area.


Garden and swimming pool


What we love about this year’s makeover

The creative team definitely hasn’t held back with its brave use of red and bang on trend fringing, but look beyond the theatre theme (that’s almost verging on panto) and there are some lovely design ideas to steal which will add a sense of period drama to your own interiors.


See how this year’s makeover compares to last year’s Celebrity Big Brother House.


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