A bathroom fit for one, two or more

We could all probably benefit from more space in our homes to accommodate our lifestyles. One room in particular that has to pack a lot into an often tight space is the bathroom. Whether yours is dinky or palatial, choosing the right fixtures and fittings for your layout is crucial to make the most of your space.


Bathroom for one

If embracing Scandi living has taught us anything, it’s that compact can be functional as well as perfectly formed. So whilst your cute bathroom may seem like you’ve drawn the short straw, careful planning and slimline fixtures and fittings can do wonders for cramped spaces.


Opt for wall mounted storage that keeps bathroom clutter in an orderly fashion and easily accessible.


Choose a slimline toilet and sink with a small projection so as not to crowd the space. In fact, opt for wall mounted space saving versions that not only allow for easy floor cleaning, but create the optical illusion of space by allowing the eye to see the entire floor.



Short on space but big on baths? Then a compact bath could be the answer. Compact baths and shorter versions still allow you to squeeze in a soak without compromising on style. Or if you want the best of both worlds, then opt for a shower over the bath.




Bathroom for two

If your bathroom is large enough for two, then embrace the space by opting for fixtures and fittings that allow you to enjoy the bathroom with your significant other. Space allowing, opt for a shower with seating for two and a generous bath for bathing together. If space is at a premium, then choose one option but go large for maximum enjoyment.


To keep harmony in the bathroom and ease the morning congestion, install two sinks and position them side by side for a pleasing symmetrical design and straightforward plumbing.


Bathroom for the family

The bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in the family home. From accommodating the young to the old, this space has to work on so many levels.


If it’s spacious then installing both a bath and a shower is a nice touch, but if it’s not, then a shower over the bath is a great compromise to meet the needs of the family. However, with multiple generations sharing the same space, showers and baths with easy accessibility become more of a necessity. Fortunately today’s bathroom ranges ensure that aesthetics are just as important as functionality.


Again multiple sinks help with time management on a busy morning and adequate modular storage is paramount to keep toys, towels and bathroom essentials contained.


Another space saving idea for any bathroom is underfloor heating, which can be retrofitted and makes a great alternative to bulky conventional radiators. If space is ultra-tight, then wall mounted heated towel rails are another possibility to heat both the room and keep towels dry and organised.