Housecleaning Resolutions

We’re well into the new year now and we bet that many of you who made new year resolutions have already broken them. Surveys in the past have found that only 8% of those who make them stick to them.


Advice from life-coaches and other gurus of change suggest that to achieve these annual goals, we should have a plan, make them achievable and state a time frame in which to reach them. Sounds like a good idea to us.


Not just personal intentions

Of course most resolutions or intentions involve personal changes but there are other things that could benefit from a new plan. We’re particularly thinking about routines in your home.


Now that we are all time pressured, it may not be as easy as it once was to allocate a day or a time to different necessary jobs around the house, so any tips will be useful we hope.


New year de-clutter

Not many of us manage to be minimalist about our possessions; and many of us don’t want to be. But a tidy home is much easier to keep clean.


So our number one tip is to make sure that you have a place for everything and that you return it to its home after use. This goes for clothes on one hand to the endless trail of paper we all seem to accumulate on the other – and everything in between.


If your cupboards are seriously stretched to house your belongings then it’s time to de-clutter and reorganise. This goes for everything in your home from coats and shoes in the hall to your wardrobe, your kitchen and bathroom cupboards.


Leave things tidy

There is still time to make a resolution for instance, if you always put things away once you’ve used or worn them that will keep your house really tidy. And of course you can always find them if they are put away where they belong.


This attitude also applies to dirty dishes. Make sure they are cleared away to your dishwasher or washed up by hand after every meal. Another good rule is to always wipe surfaces when you have finished using them especially in the kitchen and bathroom.


Regular cleaning

With a permanently tidy house cleaning is easier. So get that vacuum out regularly and dust too. This keeps dirt to a minimum, means it takes less time and makes cleaning less of a chore. Don’t forget to clean your mirrors too.


In the bathroom

Having a place to store all of your bathroom necessities is important as is returning anything you use to its allotted place. We have some great furniture especially designed for bathrooms. There are also some simple rules of thumb to ensure your bathroom stays as clean as possible.


  • open the windows every day to circulate air and reduce condensation
  • clean the bath and shower every time you use them – this applies to everyone in the house apart from visitors
  • wipe the sink and toilet every day to keep them in pristine condition and free from germs

Once a week

  • unclog shower heads especially if you live in a hard water area
  • don’t forget to clean the kids’ bath toys


Once a month

  • put a proprietary cleaner down all plugholes to keep them free from hair etc
  • clean the grout around the tiles
  • wipe any bathroom pipes over to keep them shiny and clean


Making a plan such as this will give you more time for yourself in the long run so you can enjoy a Happy New Year.