Is Blue the Colour?

Blues, from pastel to vibrant, are predicted as the stand out colour for next spring. But isn’t blue a bit ‘old hat’ for the bathroom?


It makes sense that it became a popular bathroom choice – there’s a natural connection with water and maybe it reflects our longing for blue tropical seas? With driftwood framed mirrors and other coastal decorations, blue has possibly maintained its bathroom associations longer than any other colour. I suspect most of us have had a blue bathroom colour scheme at one time or another.


However, more neutral shades have been more popular in recent years, allowing the focus to be aimed at contemporary bathroom fixtures like freestanding baths or designer washbasins.

But a contemporary bathroom can still use blue décor and look stylish.



Monochrome …

Decorating a room just one colour is also popular in modern homes. Using different shades of a colour is very effective. Texture becomes important, but the varying shades of a colour really can surprise us.


The use of black fixtures and tiles has become a popular trend in kitchen design, and now it’s making its way into bathrooms too. A recent article in Elle Decoration picked out a number of key bathroom items to consider in stylish matt black. While this isn’t a completely new concept, black bathroom suites aren’t everyday either. They are still seen as cutting edge bathroom design.


Most of the items in the article are accessories such as towels, soap and candles; but black accents come in all shapes and sizes including freestanding baths, furniture and radiators. If you really want to complete that black statement, try porcelain or marble tiles.


One thing is certain, a predominantly black bathroom will contrast brilliantly with chrome taps and accessories.

black bathroom

If not blue or black, which colour?

Pastels also seem to be coming up trumps, especially if you want to feel happy and lift your mood.


When Yahoo Homes asked architects and designers in America which colours induced a feeling of cheeriness, they came up with pale blues in several tones, off whites and shades of yellow. All of the colours were muted so none of them were too overpowering.


According to those who find meaning in colour, yellow and orange are the colours of happiness – they also help creativity and concentration. Interestingly, blue is the colour of peace, so it’s probably good for bathroom relaxation. Green means prosperity and health, while black offers sophistication.


The choice is yours — so go with a colour makes you feel good about your bathroom!



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