There’s an App for that

In a digital world that’s becoming ever more mobile, you can find Apps for just about everything.

It was 2008 when Apple launched its App Store and others followed with Apps for Android phones. This year, with over 1 million Apps available through App Store and iTunes, Apple reached an amazing total of 60 billion downloads.


Interior Design Apps

With a market this size, you won’t be surprised that there are a number of Apps available to help with interior design.


The editor of Elle Decoration, Michelle Ogundehin, reviewed some of the best in October for the Guardian. It was the apps with the most practical facilities which got her top scores. These, along with a few others of our choice, included:




iHandy Carpenter which has five useful tools – the spirit level, a plumb bob, a surface level, a steel protractor and a steel ruler. Something for the dedicated DIY-er.




The Pinterest App is free to download. Many of you will already know this one. You can collect and share images of almost anything for inspiration. This effectively the moodboard turned into an app.




Similarly the free Magpie App developed by Conran allows you to take photos and videos and arrange them into scrapbooks/moodboards for future use.




You can also find inspiration at Houzz. This American site also has an app which is also free. Here you will find images taken by professionals of rooms for inspiration.



If it’s colour references you’re after, there are several options. Pantone the colour reference site for all design industries has apps for you to download but you will be charged. The Guardian article mentions Peppermint 2 which has a small charge, there’s the a free app from Dulux. The latter two offer colour schemes so you can try things out on your mobile device first.


There are many more Apps available and others in development no doubt. These could all be of use when you’re making decisions for your new bathroom.



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