Sail Away in Wood

Drifting down the river in a wooden boat conjures warm, hazy days and romantic moods…


So if sailing away adds romance and relaxation, will a wooden boat-shaped bath tub do the same?


Once upon a time many baths were made of wood, but now they are a rare item, requiring specialist techniques to build such high-quality tubs from the material.

Wooden Bathtub

Wooden Bathtub


Enchanting and natural

What is the magic of a wooden bath? Well for starters they retain the heat of the water longer. For most of us lounging in hot water in the bath is the ultimate choice.


The natural look of wood is warm too. It has a charming and warming affect on your bathroom. Though it may not fit with a modern, all-white bathroom, it would work well in a more rustic or nautical theme.


Don’t be tempted to overdo the wood effect though. Let the beautiful wooden bath stand out as the feature piece in your bathroom. Incorporate some other wooden features which might include the seat in the shower, or even the counter top for the basin, but don’t let it overpower the design.



Neutral colours will really complement a wooden bath and keep that warm feeling in the bathroom. A lighter wooden bath i.e. Beech can soak up darker colours in the surrounding area too.


Add some plants to the room to enhance the natural look. Choose pots wisely so they enhance the theme. Why not play with size too? Put a small low growing plant in a tall floor-standing pot or vice versa for really dramatic effects.


Looking after your bath

Most wooden baths are built using boat building techniques. After all, those have been in use for hundreds of years.


How do you care for your wooden bath? When wooden baths were left untreated, you had to leave them holding water to make sure they didn’t dry out. However, learning from the manufacture of yachts, most baths now are treated and sealed to avoid this problem. This means you can treat them as you would any other bath.


Really special

If you feel like treating yourself to one of these comfortable bath tubs, we don’t blame you. We’re sure you won’t regret it. But remember, wooden baths are really special and are usually made to order, so be sure to give plenty of notice if you’re thinking of including one in your new bathroom makeover.


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