Traditional Patterns

After years of plain walls, wallpapers made a return to the popular decorating scene a few years ago – even for bathrooms.


Of course there’s now such a wide range available that there’s something for every bathroom style, from the traditional to the contemporary. Designer wallpapers, like designer bathroom fixtures, have price tags that might not fit into your ‘everyday’ budget.


But if money is no object, you can certainly find some superb designs out there, including large wall murals of scenes or objects.


Just like Marmite

Some patterns are just like Marmite – you love them, or hate them.  Tartan and plaid designs are prime examples of this.

Tartan wallpaper creates a classic or vintage look, so would work well with claw-footed freestanding baths. Tartan and plaid also add a degree of masculinity to a room. Often it will conjure the feeling of a gentleman’s club.

Maybe you have a separate male and female bathroom in your home? This design could be perfect for the men in the family, while Mum has a dedicated pamper room elsewhere?


In the twist of a teardrop

Often described as ‘twisted teardrops’; Paisley patterns originated from Iran and India. This style was later reproduced in the town of Paisley in Scotland; hence its name.

Again Paisley patterned wallpapers and fabrics have a more classic appeal with an exotic edge. Although the less colourful, larger-patterned versions also lend themselves to more contemporary styled bathrooms.


This one, Rajapur by Cole & Son, has a large pattern and is delicately coloured.


Toile de Jouy

Another traditional design; usually depicting intricate, pastoral scenes. It has been continually produced ever since, but gone through periods high and low popularity.



In recent years modern adaptations of toile designs have been produced which might have an easier fit with more modern bath fixtures. Take a look at Trip, London Life and Pig.