Bright ideas for windowless bathrooms

Windowless bathrooms can feel like gloomy uninviting spaces. But all is not lost if you find your bathing boudoir is lacking in natural illumination. These bright ideas will flood your bathroom with light, be it borrowed, natural or artificial.


Upwardly optimistic

The most obvious solution for windowless bathrooms is to install a ceiling skylight. If your roof and budget can accommodate this option then you will be rewarded with plenty of natural light and views of the ever-changing sky. Job done.


However, not all budgets and roofs are suitable, but another way round this may be to consider installing a tubular skylight, also known as a sun tunnel. Ideally you should use a certified installer, but if you want to know more about this option, take a look here.


Beg, steal or borrow

When a skylight is out of the question, why not borrow light from another room instead? If your bathroom is located next to a room with more than its own fair share of natural light, add windows to the adjoining wall and steal a slice. Remember to keep them at a high level to ensure privacy is still maintained in both rooms.




Fake it

Void of a window, your bathroom needs a little extra lighting to give the illusion of natural light even when there isn’t any. There’s no shame in that. Combine overhead, wall and task lighting to benefit from artificial light instead. Or create a fake window by positioning daylight bulbs behind a panel of opaque glass positioned on either the ceiling or wall.



For an even more convincing option try CoeLux invented by physicist Paolo Di Trapani of the University of Insubria. It not only replicates how the sun moves across the sky, but also the colour temperature of sunlight using energy-saving LED technology which can be concealed in false ceilings and windows. Clever, eh?




Smoke and mirrors

Okay so a smoke machine isn’t going to help unless you’re planning an atmospheric party in your dimly-lit bathroom, but mirrors can. Cover an entire wall from floor to ceiling with large mirror tiles or a bespoke piece of mirror cut to size. If this isn’t a plausible option, a large collection of framed mirrors grouped together will add interest and help to maximise the effects of artificial lighting.


Other reflective surfaces, such as high-gloss modular bathroom furniture, stainless steel splash backs, mirrored tiles or high-gloss white tiles, all bounce light around – however minimal the source – to help brighten up bathrooms.

Troyer Builders


When all else fails, cheat

If there is no source of natural light to be found or borrowed, try this trick instead. Source an old window frame without glass and paint to complement your bathroom design. Then create your own scenic view by either painting directly onto your wall or by fixing a print or oversized photo inside the framed area. Who knew your bathroom overlooked the Eiffel Tower?