Which sink is right for your bathroom?

When you’re furnishing a cloakroom, bathroom, wet room, en suite or shower room; a sink to suit the space and feel is an integral part of the design. Thankfully, current contemporary and traditional styles enable us to install sinks that meet both our practical and design requirements.


When it comes to design, playing with scale can have some interesting results. But when it comes to finding the right sink to fit your space, getting the scale right is crucial. Whether your bathroom is palatial, space-challenged or an awkward shape; whether your taste is ultra modern or classically traditional; there is a sink to suit all.


Wall hung washbasins

Italian designed wall hung washbasins bring design sharpness to any contemporary bathroom. Available in a myriad of styles and shapes including square, oblong, circular, tulip and deep bowl; all come with aesthetically pleasing bottle traps to take care of the unsightly pipe work.


Clever design ensures that their lack of contact with the floor really opens up the space and enables easy cleaning and maintenance.


Wall hung washbasins are perfect for space-challenged bathrooms as various sizes and dimensions are available. Equally, two wall hung washbasins mounted side by side make a real statement in larger bathrooms and provide a very practical solution for families sharing the same space.


Counter top sinks and basins

Semi-recessed and lay-on counter top basins bring sophistication and practicality to any bathroom. Designed for counter top installation, semi-recessed (inset) basins appear partially sunk, whereas lay-on sinks appear to perch on top of the work surface.


Counter top sinks and basins come in many gorgeous styles and materials including glass, metal and ceramic with satin and gloss finishes. These sinks sit pretty in any designer bathroom.




Freestanding sinks

Ultra-contemporary freestanding sinks playfully test our design expectations and deliver a truly bold statement in bathroom design. Floor mounted basins look amazing given enough room to show off their trendsetting qualities. The bigger the bathroom, the more room they have to shine.





Pedestal sinks and basins

The pedestal sink has come a long way with present day designer versions delivering slick, contemporary styles and modern takes on traditional classics. European designed pedestal sinks and basins offer elegance and familiarity, whilst fulfilling their functional role in the bathroom.


Opt for a design classic, a touch of Art Deco glamour or keep it thoroughly modern with a black pedestal sink complete with white interior.




Basins and washstands

With a nod to both the traditional and the modern, basins combined with washstands bring timeless elegance to bathrooms and en suites.


For a contemporary feel, opt for a polished metal washstand with a chrome, nickel or brass finish and ceramic basin. For a more traditional take, choose a classical design with ceramic legs and matching ceramic basin for fluidity. Or bend the rules with Washstand in Iroko wood complete with ceramic basin.