Overly popular bathroom themes

There’s nothing wrong with following the latest trend, but the trick is to implement it tastefully. As with fashion, successful interior design takes key elements and blends them with existing design rules to bring something fresh to the table. Follow a trend to the letter and your design could look overly themed.


One such room that has suffered more than its fair share of theming is the bathroom. It would seem this often bijou room is an easy target, perhaps perpetuated by lifestyle magazines styling bathrooms to within an inch of their lives.


So which themes constantly assault us on our visits to other people’s bathrooms?


Ahoy there matey!

No, not Pirates of the Caribbean, but the jaunty seaside or nautical theme complete with its sense of déjà vu.


Blue and white colour schemes reign supreme on walls and repeated in tiling, floor mats, towels and even the toilet roll. Neutral tones appear in the form of avidly collected driftwood, ocean-smoothed glass, shells and other authentic beach scraps. Nautical paraphernalia of cutely painted wooden boats, seagulls and lighthouses from by-the-sea tourist destinations adorn every available surface.


If you really want to evoke the nautical theme without going overboard (see what we did there?), why not opt for a unique wooden boat bath instead? Made from solid Beech with a polished plywood top and a bottom made using traditional boat building techniques, this stylish alternative is enough to float anyone’s boat.



It’s chic and just a little bit shabby

The shabby chic trend has been widely embraced by the masses and replicated in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. Loose design rules make this theme appealing and accessible, whilst enabling an eclectic mix of furniture and vintage bric-à-brac to deliver the shabby.


White bathroom suites with a definite period feel featuring strong traditional lines and design details co-exist with vintage collectables. Quaint jars of flowers, aged trinkets, and romantic florals from yesteryear rub shoulders with wooden period furniture showcasing distressed paint finishes.


For a fresh take on this trend, opt for less shabby and more chic by including either a period style Edwardian roll top bath, Victorian slipper roll top bath or Rocco roll top bath in your design.



The Midas Touch

Clearly Donald Trump’s interior designer is also blessed with the incredible power to turn everything he or she touches to gold. The design brief for his apartment at Trump Towers was clearly heavy on the gold with accents of …even more gold.


Opulence isn’t just for the obscenely rich and famous you know. In fact, it would seem the less money you have to throw at this theme the better. Done well, it can look stunning, but remember a little gold goes an awfully long way.


Add subtle designer touches to your bathroom with luxury gold plated bathroom accessories such as taps, towel rails, toothbrush holders, soap dishes and dispensers. Reinforce the opulent theme with a large gold ornate mirror and freshen up your overall design with accents of white. If it all starts to feel a bit Donald, edit your design.



Let your individual style be the dominating theme with contemporary designer bathrooms and accessories.